H0LiCOW VIII. Weak lensing mass reconstruction of HE0435-1223.

We present a weak gravitational lensing measurement of the external convergence along the line of sight to the quadruply lensed quasar HE0435-1223. Using deep r-band images from Subaru-Suprime-Cam we observe galaxies down to a 3 sigmas limiting magnitude of ~26 mags resulting in a source galaxy density of 14 galaxies per square arcmin after redshift-based cuts. Using an inpainting technique and Multi-Scale Entropy filtering algorithm, we find that the region in close proximity to the lens has an estimated external convergence of κext = -0.012 +0.020-0.013 and is hence marginally under-dense. We also rule out the presence of any halo with a mass greater than Mvir=1.6 x 1014 1/h MSol (68% confidence limit). Our results, consistent with previous studies of this lens, confirm that the intervening mass along the line of sight to HE0435-1223 does not affect significantly the cosmological results inferred from the time delay measurements of that specific object.